Mini cab drivers hire opportunities for london based private hire driver’s license

Minicab driver hires are in process by our mini cab firms. We are looking for experienced individuals who have had experience on the road and have a know-how regarding the city of london. After being employed the candidate is to start their training promptly.

Our mini cab firm is a distinguished firm situated in london which has been providing excellent mini cab services since the last thirty years and continues to do so without any concession in quality. We have known to provide above par services to our clientele and therefore we are well known amongst locals and tourists alike.

We have been catering to the travel needs of passengers and providing satisfactory services. Our mini cab company provides an array of services including:

We cover a vast area of london and provide a multitude of services therefore we are the right choice of mini cabs in london. And given the growing popularity of our mini cab services and increasing demand of our first-rate rides provided at the very economical rates; we are seeking to expand and employ drivers who hold a public carriage office license in london. In addition to that we appreciate the candidates who have good customer-care skills, fluent communication skills in english and a general pleasant disposition of character.

Our work is mainly cash based and the employment we offer falls into: shift work, part-time work and full-time work. The employed drivers are given breaks at various intervals of time so that they can rejuvenate themselves. The tips they collect are theirs to keep. We provide the employed driver with the mini cab, fuel, insurance, training and maintenance. We believe in providing quality services to our clientele therefore we search for the best ourselves. We are looking for someone on whom our clients and we, ourselves, can rely upon.

Employment criteria of candidates wishing to apply for mini cab driver positions

Our mini cab company firmly believes in providing finest services and therefore we expect our staff to put in their best effort while dealing with our clients. Good mannerisms, sophisticated conduct and polite language are a must. A prior job which focuses on customer-care and communication skills with the customers is highly favored.

General requirements of the job include:

We assure you, our employees and staff are as valuable to us as our clients. We believe in treating those who work or us fairly and therefore we make sure any complaints; an employee has with us, are dealt with immediately. Where we aim to please our customers; we also think about of our employee’s conerns.

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